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About Corsores Consulting and its services

Corsores Consulting is a company that aims to help private companies, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, and government institutions to run and manage humanitarian actions and programs from the initial assessment until the evaluation phase. Corsores devote to work closely with the clients in every phase of the actions and programs, endeavour to meet the objectives and to create long-lasting impacts both for the clients and communities.

The ultimate motivation of the establishment of the company lies on our desire and concern to enhance the quality of the humanitarian actions and programs managed by private companies, government institutions, and non-governmental organizations. Our vision to ensure good quality humanitarian programs is realistic to carry out by us and the clients if follow these six steps of project cycle:

  1. Assure that program will answer the needs of the beneficiary communities through initial assessment.
  2. Ensure the suitability of the coming up program through appropriate design construction.
  3. Help client to create a detail proposal of the programs that later will be submitted to donors/companies.
  4. Set targets, indicators, and benchmarks through conducting a baseline study.
  5. Assist and work closely with client to manage the programs through staff capacity building, organizational development and internal management training.
  6. Lastly, conduct evaluation study to measure the quality of the program.

Our company works in many sectors including livelihood and economic development, emergency response and recovery, DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction), Mother and Child Health, Diarrhoea Management, HIV and AIDS, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Early Childhood Development, and Education.

Possible duration for consultation is divided to short term and long term consultation. Short term period is possible for clients who want to consult only for one of six steps of project cycle.

While long term period make it possible to work together during project management. The essential philosophy of long term period consultation is to achieve the learning process to create a better humanitarian programs and actions in the future.

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